TORUS INVESTMENTS AG is a proprietary trading company. It was founded in 2013 and has been a pioneering quantitative trading company for digital assets ever since.

We run a number of high frequency algorithms which operate at the intersection of cross-exchange arbitraging and liquidity provision and trade major digital assets and their respective derivatives. Our systems allow us to exploit numerous small market inefficiencies and generate an average trading volume of $500M per month and asset pair.


Based on an extensive data set we have developed models which can quickly spot trading opportunities in any market environment. We track all major digital assets and their respective derivatives, which provides us with an around the clock overview over the market. Due to a fully automated implementation our systems can react quicker and more effectively, even during times of high market stress. Strict enforcement of our risk management ensures that our exposure is always within optimal bounds and stays market neutral.


Our trading systems are located in close proximity to the most popular trading venues and allow us to execute our trades with minimal latency. Due to our in-house developed systems we can quickly adapt to a changing environment. Our continuous push for automation reduces overhead, especially in complex trades. Thanks to our legal setup in Switzerland we are operating in a jurisdiction which embraces digital assets and allows us to further develop the market in partnership with other companies.


Schaffhauserstrasse 4

8400 Winterthur


T 0041 52 551 03 00

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